Your Guide to The End-Times

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If you want to know about End Times details, or maybe you want to escape the chaos of a world falling apart; or maybe you are seeking forgiveness from the guilt of the past; these pages will bring hope to your heart.

The available books and charts provide truth about God; what He has done, and what He is doing in the world today, and what He shall do in the future. Knowing what will happen, allows you the opportunity to know more about God, cooperate with Him in surviving the inevitable apocalypse, and making spiritual peace with God for eternity.

Apocalypse Survival Guide

Charting New Bible Prophecy
by Norman E. Jones


  • A new Map of the Apocalypse is revealed!
  • Details of End-Times Prophecy
  • Charts for understanding End-Times Prophecy
  • Types; a new field of Bible study has opened
  • Charts to understand the "Types" which yield the prophecy details

Managed Cooperation Theology

by Norman E. Jones


  • The true theology which Jesus lived and taught: Love God, love your neighbor. This is accomplished by allowing God to manage your life.
  • Charts which compare Managed Cooperation Theology with
    Calvinism and Armianism

  • Why is the USA is involved in Bible Prophecy? See charts to understand why.

    (All of this book is included in
    “Apocalypse Survival Guide”)